Thursday, 4 April 2013

D is for David

This is David. He is my boyfriend. He is brilliant. 

Let me elaborate.

10 (of the many) reasons David is brilliant.

1. He likes cool stuff. When we first met, we learned really quickly that we both loved 90’s music, in particular Pulp and Blur, but also that we both had an enthusiasm for cult TV, cinema and graphic novels.

2. He has introduced me to new cool stuff. David has shown me lots of new stuff that I’d not come across before (or dismissed out of hand – which I do all too often). I’ve discovered that I love Star Trek, the films of Wes Anderson, the books of Terry Pratchett and the music of Eels amongst many other things.

David on stage
3. He is an actor – how ace is that? I’m endlessly impressed with the way he can create a character, whether for a part, or just to amuse me, and inhabit that person completely. It is a tough industry but I’m always amazed by his dedication to his work and the determination and focus he shows when working on a role. Check him out! David's Showreel.

David and I, on Red Nose Day.
4. He is very funny. He does silly voices, plays with words, pulls quotes out of the bag at exactly the right time, does impressions of people and pulls funny faces when I least expect it. (He also laughs at my jokes. Even my silly walks and the dance I do to the theme music of University Challenge.) We laugh a lot and, as that is my favourite hobby, this is a Very Good Thing.

At our friends, Brogan and Laura's Engagement Party
last Saturday.
5. He really cares about things. He cares about political causes, social injustices, environmental issues, the poor, the neglected and the needy of our world. But he also cares about the continuity errors in Star Trek and the need to put Doctor Who DVDs in (broadcast) chronological order when on a shelf. This is great as these are similar to the things I care about so it works well. He doesn’t care as much as I do about choosing bed linen or the correct spacing between door panels on TARDIS models, but this is probably for the best, as I do care about these things more than enough for two people.

At David's surprise 30th
Birthday Party.
6.  He knows how to make people feel good. Whether it is distraught friends, upset work colleagues or the very easily distressed autistic student he works with at the moment, he cares about those around him and goes out of his way to make them feel better. He has a knack for knowing just what the situation calls for and can act on it. He always knows just how to cheer me up when I feel sad and boost my confidence when I am unsure.

David with Cassandra, the
mannequin rescued from
the bins.
7. He is a great listener. Which is useful as I am a big talker. He sits patiently whilst I reel off the traumas, tantrums and triumphs of my day and can always gives me sound, considered advice. He always has my back but can also very gently tell me when I might be being a bit of a dick about something. This is very useful as I do tend towards dickishness at times.

Bravely sampling one of my accidentally
massive home-made cookies.
8. He finds beauty in the most unexpected of things. Whether it is a six-foot chrome mannequin rescued from the dump or the Lego pirate ship found in his parents’ loft, he really does find the joy in the discarded or unwanted. It is a very endearing trait. He finds beauty in me too – which I, for one, certainly found unexpected.

9. He is an experimental fusion chef. He once confused pesto with Thai green curry paste and inadvertently created the spiciest pizza I’ve ever eaten. Whilst he may not be a natural cook, genuinely, he always goes out of his way to be helpful, is willing to be a guinea pig to some of my more experimental cookery and makes the best cup of tea going.

10. He is gorgeous. Well – just look at him!


  1. What a wonderful post. You two make a great looking couple. :-)

  2. Very personal post there, seems like a very generous chap. Good luck. Oh and thanks for stopping by Smurfin' The Web =) (Psst - spread the word could you? ;-) ) lol

  3. Very nice post. He sounds like a really, great guy. :)

    Shirletta @ Shirleyisnotmyname

  4. Sweet!

    D is for Distractions! Blogging A to Z Challenge

  5. God Blez you both. :)

    - A fellow Blogger from A to Z!

  6. Love this! You should participate in Monday Listicles too, since I see you like making lists. Have you heard of that? You can see some of those on my blog.

    Most--but not all--of the Davids in my life are precious to me...especially my sister's husband. My youngest son has David for his middle name, in honor of my brother-in-law and his two godfathers, both Davids!

    Glad to have found your blog via the A to Z challenge! I'm gathering that you are British (red nose day), and my husband is British too. I also like the fact that you are proud to call yourself a feminist. Cheers!


    1. Thanks for the suggestion of the Monday Listicles, Marie - I will have to check that out. I do love a good list! :0)

  7. Blimey, I flippin' love you two! Also I might just have to get on the A-Z bandwaggon myself.
    Lots of love,
    Lintelblossom and The Boy. x x

    1. I can heartily recommend it. I've not written this much (for pleasure, as it were) for years! x

  8. Awww :) sooo sweet and full of love!
    I wrote a similar post for letter A for my hubby :D


  9. Thank you all so much for your comments :0)

  10. I don't really know what to say about this.

    Dave Wrote This